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As censorship on main-stream platforms has become more and more blatant, users (especially users with Heterodox political ideas) have searched for a platform that’s resilient to the whims of a single billionaire.

PocketNet is powered by it’s users, not a large corporation. The only people who can take your posts down are users, and that requires a large consensus that your content is illegal not just offensive.

PocketNet’s “servers” (called nodes) are run by Node Operators like me. No corporation can force each and every one of us to shut down our nodes.

If you’re…

using your PocketCoin

Pocketnet functions much like any typical micro-blogging site, with the exception of it’s blockchain functions. Each user is a content-creator to some extent, because you earn Pocketnet’s native cryptocurrency, Pocketcoin (PKOIN), for receiving favorable responses to your content.

Handling cryptocurrency with confidence can take a while. Here are a few tips for Pocketnet users who are new to crypto:

Your Account Address & Wallet

Pocketnet will create two addresses for you when you sign up, your account address and your wallet. You can access your wallet by clicking on your balance in the top right corner of the Pocketnet client.

Basic functions like posting and…

for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Build your own social media’ they said. They built Parler. Apple censored ParlerAWS shut down Parler’s servers… The centralization of hosting services caught Parler off-guard. Pocketnet’s decentralized architecture shields it from this vulnerability, and allows you to be part of the solution to censorship, while generating some coin in the meantime!

from the Pocketnet Whitepaper

Here are some tips for getting your Pocketnet node started:


You can find a list of dependencies in Pocketcoin’s Unix Notes. This command from these notes should install most of the necessary dependencies for Pocketnet:

run this command to install most dependencies

The only dependency that gave me…

Have your opinion and say it too

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It’s not unreasonable to want anonymity online

Posting political opinions or even jokes on social media can severely damage your career or career prospects. A South Carolina teacher was recently fired for conservative Facebook Memes, and software like FAMA will screen your social media for toxic behavior on behalf of potential employers.

With an anonymous account, you can be reasonably assured that your employer or potential employer won’t be aware of your spicy memes or political opinions. That is, unless you get too big like Jack Murphy and get doxxed by ‘anarchist protestor[s]’. You know the ones.

What You’ll Need

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Twitter often skirts the line between platform and publisher. They’re statistically more likely to ban conservatives and photos of their de-boosting tools were leaked earlier this year.


Although we’re assured that “Twitter does not screen content or remove potentially offensive content there are two different timelines on Twitter: The Reverse-Chronological timeline and the Home timeline.

The Reverse-Chronological timeline is what Twitter used to be. It will show you the most recent tweets from everybody you follow. That’s it.

The Home timeline shows you… something else. Twitter isn’t exactly up front about how their algorithm determines which tweets are shown —…

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American. Big Data Engineer. Data Privacy Advocate. Musician. Libertarian. Patriot. Anti-War.

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